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Monday, November 7, 2011

Xmas Cheer…

 Let’s liven up the Christmas Holidays with more Canadian Pantomimes

Pantomime—the art or technique of conveying emotions, actions, feelings, etc., by gestures without (any believable) speech.

Luckily for my equanimity I quite enjoy nonsensical but clever children’s pantomimes.
Way back, in London, about 70 or 65 years ago, I can remember willingly going to see a Christmas pantomime or two, probably when accompanying one of my sisters when taking one or two of their children as a Christmas treat.
I also remember just a few years ago watching a rare but very good Canadian pantomime on TV, which starred Canada’s wonderful ballerina, Karin Kain, teamed up, incongruously, with ‘Onslow’ of the Brit TV show Keeping up Appearances.
‘Onslow’, I don’t know his real name, had packed houses of young Canadian children collapsing in merriment with the age-old simple chestnut presentations of British juvenile farce.  You know.  Where the awful villain or other evil character typically creeps up behind the clueless hero and the children call out excitedly to warn their jolly favorite of the danger...  
“There he is right behind you”.
 “No he’s not, I just looked and no one was there”.
 “He ran round the other way in front of you while you were looking behind you”.  
“Of course he didn’t.  There’s no one there”. 
“Oh, yes there is.  He’s right there, turn round the other way”
… and so it goes on and on, absolute nonsense but wonderfully absorbing for young humour-loving children.
And some others.

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