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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

KK for GG

 No sooner do I make a promise (see end paragraph of my last blog) than I break it.
Though I do offer in excuse that though the petition I am now promoting is directly dependent on Prime Ministerial decision it is not really a political matter.  Like for example increasing retired (Tory) senators’ pensions, or building six giant aircraft carriers exclusively in Quebec shipyards, or even reinstituting the red duster as Canada’s national ensign.
No, what I am now urging the PM to do is, when the present excellent Governor-General, David Johnston’s present term in office is over, that this vice-regal honour which has been so blatantly scattered around indiscriminately for misguided vote-getting purposes in recent years, be offered to a person who is as unchallengeable genuinely pur laine Canadian as any other citizen living from the east to west coasts and national borders to Arctic coast.
And the first choice for that person, in my opinion, would be the gracious and talented Karin Kain, the wonderful ballerina, who presents a true reflection of those traditional and intrinsic Canadian values now helplessly under decay by interloping interests.  

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