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Friday, December 11, 2009

A reader inquires

Questions appertaining to recent history as asked by enquiring Ough-Zone reader, Imshi Yellah:

Did the Japs tell Hitler they were about to attack Pearl Harbor?

Did Hitler and the Japs make any effort whatever to reduce their carbon footprints?

—did Churchill, Stalin, Mackenzie King, Roosevelt, Holocaust-ovens-boss Himmler, modest Battle of Britain winner Dowding, Bomber Harris, gawky egocentric interfering long streak of unmitigated gall de Gaulle, good old Harry S Truman, evil monster Mao Tse Tung, or super-luscious-heavyweight counterspy Rear Admiral Beatrice Fruitbottom ?

If not, why not?

Were they completely devoid of sensitivity for the environment?

How many of the above were awarded a Nobel Prize for something or other?

Dear faithful reader Imshi Yella:

Thank you for your perceptive probing inquiries, but how the heck would I know. Ask Al Bore, Sarah Fuzuki, David Palin, Whizzo Banana or some other such O-Fay personality or budding super-universe-friendly ayatollah.

Please write again when the urge smites you.

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