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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Google’s Street View worries

Privacy fears completely resolved

A Canadian member of parliament who is part of the House of Commons Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics is pushing for an inquiry into Google’s amazing Street View Technology.

Though it is reported that so far no complaints have been made by the public, he’s worried that not all people’s faces are being completely blurred.

Because one of his constituents did complain that while he was undressed in front of his window he saw the Google photo vehicle pass by his house. I suppose he was primarily worried about his face being insufficiently blurred. An unblurred face on an unblurred body could be a serious issue. Whereas a blurred face on an unblurred body is fine with the most ardent of privacy seekers.

One can readily muster up sympathy with this complainant when considering the sparse facial attractiveness component of the vast majority of voters who freely sport their far from godly visages before each other’s constantly-brutalized gaze.

Something must be done if civilization is to evolve and progress majestically forward in cultural richness and intrinsic beauty.

Burkas for all, though eminently suitable to some segments of society are, as yet, not considered to be the answer in general.

So there is only one obvious solution to this problem:

Face blurring at birth.

The ultimate privacy equalizer.

A simple medical procedure that can be routinely carried out simultaneously with circumcision, and other physical statements and enhancements, at birth.

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