Fighter pilot, Royal Navy 1945, Hydrographer Iraq 1947-52 India 1952-53, Canadian Hydrographic Arctic explorer 1953-1960, Writer-producer Canadian National Film Board 1961-72, Freelance journalist, audio-visual producer 1972-2009, National Press Club of Canada 1961 - 2006

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This blog contains 60+ items on

various subjects including:

Adventure; war; romance; whimsy;

flying aeroplanes; history; ships;

cooking; travel; Arctic exploration;

alcoholic refreshment; journalism;

people portraits; the Middle East;

fly-fishing; India; Canada; Britain

public houses; geography; Iraq;

nature; hydrography; philosophy;

and all kinds of other stuff...

Your comments will be very welcome

My Pop-Up Hit List

Various prominent people with whom I have had various dealings during the course of my life:

Francis Chichester

Moraji Desai

Pierre Trudeau

Harold Wilson

Billy Bishop

Norman DePoe

Charlie Cheesecake

John Diefenbaker

Lobby Lud

Georges Vanier

Prince Charles

William Hutt

Vincent Massey

Winston Churchill


Edward Schreyer

Romeo LeBlanc

Adolph Hitler

Lorraine Monk

Rest assured, this is not an ominous naming of names promulgating a forthcoming program of violent happenings. It is purely a simple ploy to entice internet surfers to my blog: Ough-Zone so that they may be exposed to the wonderful world I am offering for the edification of head-scratching admirers or apoplectic dissenters.

Thank you very much for blundering into my ramblings and I hope you will stay awhile and perhaps savour a little of the serendipity of our meeting. Just scroll up and down for a quick look-see.

If your name should rightfully be included in the above list but is inadvertantly missing please advice me by noting such an unforgivable error in the comments box. It will be rectified chop-chop.

Thank you,

John Ough

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