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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Does God play baseball?

Probably God does not play baseball.  So just relax and simply play the game.

...but nowadays it seems, a lot of baseball players believe God does play baseball.  Batters, before settling into position at the plate, perfunctorily cross themselves, some clumsily, others covertly or ostentatiously.  Pitchers go down upon one knee upon taking the mound, and guys running the bases after hitting a home-run raise their hands and faces on high and point to the zenith to give heavenly thanks. 

What spiritual arrogance.  What utter cheekiness to accuse any probable or improbable God of partisanship, and of assuming that He or he or She or she or It or it is prepared to acknowledge receipt of, or be even slightly interested or ingratiated, by such insignificant gestures of casual worship. 

What's more, such twits obviously believe, as do many other religionists, that they are probably any improbable God’s divinely preferred favourite among probably all the other humans at present squirming about on this probably benighted planet.  What sheer imagined effrontery?

Incidentally Einstein’s quote about God not playing dice is quoted out of context by Intelligent Design ratings when trying to infer that old Albert believed in God.  Unless Albert had quaffed many, many, more steins than ein stein at the time.  Though of course, actually, he didn’t.  No, he obviously did not drink lots of steins.  If he had done so he wouldn’t have been called Einstein, would he?  

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