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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hollywood Movie interrupted by the wind

The head of the gulf was blown by two winds.  One was the Shamal  from the north, which though often dusty with desert sand and hot in summer, was dry and bearable.  The other wind, the Shurgi , came up the gulf from the south and was terribly humid and made everyone irritable and often caused attacks of prickly-heat.  I remember one night sitting with a group of a dozen other limp and clammy people disinterestedly watching an outdoor cinema show as the turgid stifling shurgi  blew.  Suddenly one of the women said: I felt the Shamal!    At once everyone turned their heads to the north and stood up.  Another person said:  I just felt it, too!  Then another and another.  In a few moments everyone felt it.  At once the movie was forgotten.  People started talking happily with each other, we all moved over to the club bar.  Where morose silence had suffocated all interest just moments before, cheerfulness now abounded.  

And that is how quickly the wind did change from south to north.  And how quickly sultry misery changed to cheerful dryness.

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